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Do you own a commercial building or manage one?

Do you own a commercial building or manage one? Do you have that same annoying leak that comes by every rainstorm? Do you know the most common problems that may arise with your commercial roof, and are you prepared to deal with those issues? Protect your investment and set up your commercial roof maintenance plan.

One of the most common commercial roof problems is lack of maintenance or lack of owner knowledge about their roof. For example, a small rock or other debris can cause a puncture on the roof which is no big deal as long as you catch the puncture and get it repaired soon. If that same puncture goes unnoticed for too long it can lead to serious damage and serious cost to repair your roof. Having regular roof inspections is overlooked and only is it when there is a leak or a problem that you call a roofing contractor. Instead build a relationship with a trusted roofing contractor and set up regular roof inspections. Some roofing contractors even offer free roof inspections!

Another common problem with commercial roofs is standing or ponding water. This can be very bad for your roof if left unnoticed. Ponding water on your roof can cause the roof to sag, it deteriorates materials and weakens the roof membrane. Ponding can also cause leaks and damage to the structure of the building due to the weight of the water just sitting there.

Poor installation and improper materials are what cause roof problems in the first place. Make sure the roofing contractor you are dealing with is a trusted contractor who knows what they are doing. It is often a good idea to ask for references or visit their website and media pages to learn more about who you are letting take care of the roof over your head. We make sure to use the best materials and equipment to produce quality roofing systems.

Protect your investment and take care of your roof. Too many times building owners and property managers act too slow when it comes to fixing their roofs, and too many times the same leak comes back every year that a big storm rolls around and all they do is put buckets under the leak, but remember that doesn't solve the problem.

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