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Does your business need a new roof?

Roofing issues can be a nightmare! Your roof might have been in decent condition but a bad storm can bring havoc and cause issues like leaks and standing water. Mother nature over time causes wear and tear on your commercial building roof, damages to your roof left unsolved can result in worse damages to the rest of your roof, building, and business. Consider repairs, restorations, re-coating, or replacement.

To make the right consideration first examine your roofs conditions if it has been maintained properly over the years you may just need a simple repair or coating, but if you kept putting your roofing issues to the side, the problem may have spread to internal damage where extensive work may be needed. We offer infrared scanning services to be able to see if there is any trapped moisture or other internal damages.

Another thing to consider when fixing your roof is the time of year in which you want to make the repairs, because the work can be disruptive and we want to make sure your business is able to operate. For example, schools schedule most of their roofing projects during summer so there is minimal disruption.

Tax Deductible

Restoring or replacing the roof of your business can be costly, but do not let that completely scare you away from making the move. Remember that repairing your roof can be tax deductible. Repair and capital improvements are tax deductible for your business. Speak to your tax professional to figure out your options.

Investing into your roof is investing into your business.

Call a professional roofing contractor to help you assess damages and help you choose the right roofing system for you.

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