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Heavy rainfall, Covid-19, & taking precautions.

It has been quite the week with the COVID-19 situation and all of the heavy rain in Southern California. We want to reassure our customers that we are taking the necessary steps and precautions to maintain a sanitized work environment.

The heavy rain fall over the past few days in SoCal has caused many leaks and damage to the roofs of businesses and homes all over. We know that with the COVID-19 situation people are taking precaution and are staying home, we on the other hand have our hands full making sure that we take care of the roofs over your head. After heavy rain fall the roofing industry gets very busy so we must keep working (while following OSHA Covid-19 workplace guidelines) and making sure our roofs are protected all while taking precaution and doing our due diligence.

We want to take this time to remind any commercial building owner who has a roof over their head to not let your roof go to long! We see many people after a heavy rain fall experience leaks and ponding on the buildings but do not do anything to fix it. We know repairing or restoring your roof can be costly, but it will end up costing you more when you have to replace the whole roof and shut down your operation to do so.

Be proactive about your roof, it is important and can save you thousands down the road.

Thank you for your business as we take care of your businesses roofing needs.

-K & L Roofing, Inc.

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