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Metal Buildings + Spray Polyurethane Foam = Better Building

Metal buildings are a popular choice for businesses and homeowners. These metal buildings are versatile and attractive because of their lower cost compared to brick and mortar buildings. People find metal buildings functional and practical for storage, garage space, workshops and more. While metal buildings are practical and a great alternative over traditional buildings, there is one area where they could be better. That is, insulation.

Spray foam is an ideal form of insulation for unusual shapes or areas in a metal building with numerous obstructions.

Picture this, it is the middle of summer and you are in a metal box. It’s 100 degrees out and inside your metal box is a sauna! A downfall of these metal buildings is that there is usually no insulation and temperatures inside are either really cold or way too hot.

Some metal buildings are actual workshops so the people working inside have to deal with the sporadic temperature changes. Some of these metal buildings are equipped with HVAC units to maintain thermal comfort for the employees, but what if you could reduce the use of energy and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your metal building?

Your metal building can be insulated to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature by keeping warm air in your building during the winter and conversely by keeping warm air out during the summer months. More importantly, metal building insulation creates a barrier throughout the roof and walls of your building, which prevents condensation.

What is condensation?

The definition of condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from gas phases into liquid phases and is the reverse of vaporization.

Condensation is when the warm air from inside the metal building comes in contact with a cold surface like your roof or wall panels. The mixture of warm air and cold surfaces causes water vapors in the warm air to condense which allows moisture to gather.

Condensation is harmful to the longevity of your building because it can cause rust.

Metal building + rust = no good!

In conclusion, insulation can make your metal building even better, for a reasonable cost, all while saving you money in the long run as well. Applying SPF or some type of insulation is essential to the long-term durability of your building.

Make sure you do your research and find the right roofing contractor to do the job.

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