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Our Safety Standards and Practices

Providing safe working conditions for our K & L Roofing team is top priority. The safety of our workers is very important that is why we maintain a safe work environment by setting standards and policies. The roofing industry can be seen as dangerous or to be handled with extra diligence since our job involves being high up on a roof. A fall or injury on a roofing job site can be disastrous, so what do we do to keep accidents from happening?

We first and foremost keep compliant with the OSHA regulations to ensure that we are doing all that we can to keep safe work conditions. We also learn from each job site and from past situations to make us better. We currently have the following policies set in place: Fall Protection Program Policy, Heat Illness Prevention Program, and Injury and Illness Prevention Program. These policies help guide our crew to do their job out on the job sites and keep safe work environments. We also have toolbox safety talks and have our crew sign the sign in sheets, to hold everyone accountable.

Some of the areas that we highlight are: falls, ladder safety, tools & safety equipment, and work area awareness.

Our Fall Protection Programs’ objective is to identify and evaluate fall hazards to which employees will be exposed and to provide specific training as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We train our crew to take precaution when handling the tools & equipment and to be aware of their work area. It is important to be aware of the work area to watch out for wet roofs or other unsafe work conditions. We also make sure to block of our work area to keep civilians away and safe.

It is a group effort to make sure that we are working in and keeping safe work environments. Our mission is to Create; to create exceptional work, create trust and lasting relationships with our clients, and to create opportunities for our team as well as to create a safe workplace.

In conclusion, having the right policies and procedures is a substantial benefit to any operation because it creates efficiency and it gives our crew guidance. When someone knows what they are suppose to be doing they will perform more efficiently, and in this case of safety that could mean effectively preventing accidents by having procedures in place.

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