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Ponding on a Flat Roof

What is ponding? Is it bad for my commercial roof? What can I do about it?

Ponding is when water collects in pools on a roof typically after heavy rainfall. If the roof is built right, most of the time, the water will drain off or evaporate over time. However, if there is ponding on your roof for more than a few days then you should call a roofing professional to discuss options to mitigate any damages to your roof and property.

It is reoccurring ponding that can be a threat to your roof as ponding water on your roof can accelerate the roofs system aging by degrading roofing materials, causing intensified UV degradation, and putting unnecessary strain on the roof membrane.

Remember that all roof systems should have a positive drainage, meaning that the water should flow of the roof within two days. Water ponding can also encourage growth of vegetation such as algae and moss, it can attract mold and insects, and lead to leaking and sagging roofs.

Don't let the water sit for more than 48 hours on your roof as it can turn into a costly fix down the road. If you experience frequent water ponding on your roof call a roofing professional to assess your current roofing system.

Protect your real estate investment.

* K & L Roofing,Inc. is not taking in person meetings at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation but if you have questions please reach us at | 951-415-4579.

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