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Have you found yourself with a leaky roof or observed water damage on your structure after a rainy season? Is your roof system the right one for your building? Is your structure even waterproof?

What does waterproofing mean? In our industry it is the process of making a structure or object water resistant or waterproof. The goal of waterproofing a structure or object is so that it remains nearly unaffected by water or so that there is resistance from an ingress of water. Waterproofing a structure is critical to protecting your structure from moisture damage and a key to avoiding expensive repairs down the road.

During the rainy season walls, roofs, decks and other structural parts can get very wet and soaked thus creating problems such as formation of mold, leaks, ponding, and other structural damages can be caused.

There are different types of waterproofing systems. There are also different types of structures that can be waterproofed such as above or below grade waterproofing, sealing & waterproofing walls, waterproofing concrete decks, waterproofing roofs, basements, rooftop decks, balconies and more.

When a water problem arises, it should be resolved as quickly as possible because water damage can cause extensive damage and deterioration to your structure. Sometimes water damage isn’t visible to the naked eye because it could be between walls or underneath structures that is why it is a good idea to have preventive maintenance plan in place. By having the proper waterproofing and roofing solutions in place you are helping your structure stay durable and problem free.

For more information contact K & L Roofing, Inc. Let us help you maintain a durable structure.

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