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What is SPF?

One of the specialty services that we provide is spray polyurethane foam roofing systems (SPF) this method is one that is durable and energy efficient, among other things. Let’s break down SPF. Spray polyurethane foam is a type of material that is sprayed as a liquid and expands into a foam, creating a solid layer across the existing roof surface. The foam is a combination of mixing two highly reactive chemicals, isocyanate and polyol, these two elements are then fed through a spray gun that heats and pumps the material onto the roof. The SPF is applied to the existing roof followed by a base coat and a topcoat, and often times granules.

SPF is flexible and seamless because it is applied as liquid making it great for coverage around seams such as penetrations, HVAC curves, vents, and skylights. Another property of spray foam roofs is that SPF has the highest R-value of the most commonly used roof insulation systems. R- value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow, so the higher the R- value the greater the insulating power, the greater the insulating power the less heat or cool air that will pass through. The less hot or cool air that is in your business or home the less HVAC use thus resulting in lower energy costs.

SPF roofing systems can exceed life cycles performance of 30 years, now that’s durable. The unique application process and adhesion properties help make this type of roofing system high performance and durable. Because of its’ liquid application process SPF is able to conform and adhere to a variety of shapes forming a seamless barrier to keep your structure energy efficient. We can apply the SPF system to more than just flat roofs, again because of its’ liquid application it’s flexible thus allowing us to apply to structures such as wine tanks or other surfaces.

In conclusion, SPF is durable, energy efficient, and a service that we would be happy to provide for you. At K & L Roofing, Inc. we work with our clients to choose the right roofing system that best suits their needs, because the roof over our head is the most important part of our homes and businesses, it is what keeps us and our personal valuables protected from the natural elements.

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