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What We Want In A Contractor

When looking for a contractor we all want someone we can trust and who is committed to doing their job exceptionally. We all have our career paths and interest; people are specialist in their own fields and shouldn’t have to worry about being a roof specialist too.

We want a reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and professional contractor and it would be nice if they’re friendly too, right? Oh, and don’t forget all while paying a fair price for service.

With over twenty years of experience in the roofing industry and as roofing specialist we know a thing or two about the roof over your head. We are a family owned full-service roofing company so you can bet that we are that reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and professional contractor that you are looking for, oh and yes, we are friendly, too.

We feel confident in the work that we do that is why we offer workmanship warranties* and material manufacturer warranties. Let us be your roofing specialist that you can trust, and we will turn your roofing needs into reality. - K & L Roofing, Inc.

* Warranties may vary depending on project.

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